30 January 2006

K, I'm done and moving on.

I'm moving to OxygenChunks where I will be updating more. My friend Faisal started it but I'm just going to work with him and post news etc. So check it out. This site is pretty much dead anyway.

23 January 2006


21 January 2006


not much going on lately, huh?

do you guys think its time for a new layout?
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18 January 2006

3 Great New Leaks!

3 New AMAZING songs leaked in the last 2 days and we would like to share with you their greatness.

1. Christina Milian- Say I

This is Ms. Milian's single from her upcoming album, So Amazin'. This song fits with the album name tremendously. Ok, you may think we're biased but this song is truly ace. It features a sample from something or someone who we do not know or care about, but it's a great hook. It sounds like an old TV theme song for a rodeo show. Hmm, youre thinking but you have to hear it for yourself. The track itself is mainly about living your own life and if you are your own person 'Say I-I-I-I-I-I'. 'Ima keep it gangster/Ima keep it hot/If you feel the same way say I-I-I-I-I.' Brilliant!

2. Nelly Furtado- Maneater

Oh god, how I hated this when I first heard it. However, after the second or third listen it becomes a true fun, Crunk-Pop track. The verses are a little messy but once the chorus comes in, the song becomes a back-tweaking, heart-pumping, leg-fucking dance track. 'A maneater/make you work hard/make you spend all/make you want all of her love.' Best moment: Nelly attempting to sing in a Japanese accent.

3. Pink- Stupid Girls

This track only leaked a 30 second clip, however, we were sent the promo CD which was quite generous of Pink's people. It's a fun song. It is pop music that sounds like Jamaican music with a cool guitar riff. 'Laughin it up as all the little people stare/Lookin for a daddy as people are shifting/It's frightening." Haha she always has the best lyrics. Welcome back!

Yay to all!

'Cause I'm CAOOOOLA then the Red Dress'

Ok, maybe the "CAOOOOLA" part sucks but the new Sugababe is pretty good! A radio-rip of the 3rd single off their last album, Taller In More Ways, but it's the first single featuring the new Sugababe. She sings the chorus and a post-chorus-type-thingee. Her name is Amelle Berrabah and she is not from England. She is Moroccan, making her a lady of the African-decent. But enough of that, she is good and we like her.

(Oh, she's the middle one in the picture above. Keisha looks stoned teeheehee.)

15 January 2006

Our Very First Remix...

t.A.T.u.- Loves Me Not (Popped Up ETC Mix)

Check it out 'yo'. 'It's tight'!

14 January 2006

From the UK to the US.

CD:UK is coming to the USA. 'CD USA' will be only on channel 101 on Direct TV. The line up includes:

  1. Black Eyed Peas
  2. Natasha Bedingfield
  3. Ashlee Simpson
  4. Dem Franchize Boyz
  5. Fort Minor
  6. The Goo Goo Dolls
Should be good. Check it out if you can.

11 January 2006


The Pussycat Whores are rumored to remake Girls Aloud's fabby 'Wake Me Up'.


Way to milk the cow even more!

Gwen Stefani has yet ANOTHER single and it is almost as bad as 'Luxurious'. The song is called 'Crash' and it's not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc etc, but the 6th single from her 'Love Angel Music Baby' debut. It's electro pop with static synths that create ears to bleed. It was written by No Doubt buddy Tony Kanal.

Gwen says (MTV):

"It sounds nothing like No Doubt," Stefani said of the song when Love, Angel, Music, Baby was first coming out, "but everything like all the inspirations we had. We came from a whole other kind of school than Tom Dumont or Adrian Young. We were all ska junkies, but Tony, he was really into Prince, the Time, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and he turned me on to all these other groups. So to be able to write that style of music, to have these old drum machines, to do it that way, was really exciting. It was the exact song I wanted to write." ...
She should leave the album alone. Write new songs, get a husband or two, pop out some overly bleached blonde babies and we'll all be happy for her.

...Until then.

Pink has made her decision...

...and 'Stupid Girls' is the new single. However, it's reported on the upcoming release schedule for the UK that 'You and Your Hand' is the single there. Both are great songs but we're the lucky ones for getting 'Stupid Girls'! (Don't tell England. I don't need Tony Blair hangin off my ass.)

Snap decisions baby. Snap decisions.

08 January 2006

Worth A Milian Dollars!

Christina Milian is back with her 3rd studio album. It is currently untitled but is due out sometime in March. Her first single titled 'Say I' features Young Jeezy will be released to radio at the end of this month.

A track titled 'Who's Gonna Ride' was sent out to a few DJ's and has leaked onto the internet. It's the typical song about a girl who likes a guy, guy cheats, girl leaves, 'who's gonna ride when she's gone?' However, it is an upbeat, fun track. Ok, maybe she could have had a little less talking in the beginning, ("ay mommy", "I know you told me not to do this" etc.) but the song is pretty good.

Yes, Christina Milian is considered R&B. But, she does have many pop hooks and tunes in almost all her songs. IE:

  • I Need More
  • Dip It Low
  • AM to PM
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Get Loose
  • Oh Daddy
The list goes on.
[She's also an amazing performer as I have seen her perform songs from her last album 'It's About Time' in her hometown in Maryland. She knows how to shake, we'll tell you that!]

All of Ms. Milian's albums have been great, we have no doubt this one will be the same.
Be sure to pick it up when it hits stores soon.

Sorry about the lack of updates.

Life has been tough lately and it has been difficult to keep up.

Don't think I don't love this site and posting, I love it! Just stick with us.

05 January 2006

Popjustice was right. Lorraine is an awsome band!

Their new song 'I Feel It' has leaked and it is truly magic.
With a sexy mix of pop and alternative with a sprits of cool summer electro-indie, these guys rock.

Check em out:

03 January 2006

If you look at the picture below, you will see a 14 year old boy from New Jersey named 'Jon'. However, he is not just any other person in the "male" category. He is a male in pop.

click to enlarge.

He recently sent in a song to us here at Pop Etc. in which he wrote and recorded by himself. (He plays all the instruments.) The song is called 'Breath It In' and it is an awesome dark electro-pop track. Don't worry, there are no vocals so it's all safe now. Give it a try. If you are a true pop fan, you will love this song hopefully as much as we do.

Thanks for the contribution Jon.

Click here to download 'Breath It In' for free.

01 January 2006

Upcoming Singles.

Here are a list of great upcoming singles to look out for.

(Editors- Munich // Beyonce- Check On It // Daniel Powter- Jimmy Gets High)

(Will Young- All Time Love // Moby- Slipping Away // Ashlee Simpson- Boyfriend)

(Take That- Relight My Fire // Goldfrapp- Ride A White Horse // Franz Ferdinand- The Fallen)

(Alexis Strum- It Could Be You // t.A.T.u.- Friend Or Foe // Bananarama- Lovebite)

(Charlotte Church- Lets Be Alone // Girls Aloud- Models // Pet Shop Boys- Minimal)

(William Orbit- Spiral [ft. Sugababes] // Pussycat Whores- Beep // Dannii Minogue- I Can't Sleep At Night)


Keane is back. Yes, the 'Somewhere Only We Know', 'Everybody's Changing', etc, guys are back. Their new album is slated to be released May 15, 2006, with no album title as of yet.

They are sill working with Andy Green. You may know him as the one who helped them on 'Hopes and Fears'. He will still be producing, arranging, all that shit.

Tracks that is known as of now include:

  1. The Frog Prince
  2. Try Again
  3. Nothing In Your Way
  4. Thin Air
  5. Crystal Ball
  6. Hamburg Song
  7. Let It Slide
  8. Put It Behind You
  9. Atlantic
  10. Bad Dream
  11. Broken Toy
  12. Is It Any Wonder?
(tracklisting has yet to be confirmed)

2006 will be a great year. More news to come.

Chewing Gum in the USA.

The fabulous Annie will release one of the best songs of all time 'Chewing Gum' in the USA.

On her forum:

I heard that Chewing Gum is going to be released in the States in January 2006 with new remixes! So excited!
Annie's responce:
That´s right...´chewing gum´will be out in the states early next year, but also in diffrent european counries at the same time :-)


-Annie ;-)

We are VERY excited.
Look for it on Mediabase.

25 December 2005


im going to be away on vaca to cali for a week... i wont be able to post sorry...


22 December 2005

oh right, i nearly forgot...

...Mutya left the Sugababes.


Dangerous with Sexy Voices!

Below is the link to the best 'Dangerous and Moving'-era concert with t.A.T.u.

As you know, we love them. Their voices, their attitude, their accents etc. Their album is #1 on our list for best album of the year as well as 'All About Us' as the #1 single.

Ok, so about the performance. A few days ago, Lena and Julia went to Taiwan as part of their album promo tour. They performed a few songs from the new album (inc. All The Things She Said) to a massive crowd. They sound amazing, look amazing, and are just brilliant...

...this is why we love them so.

Pink is SOO in!

P!nk with the exclimation mark is back. Her album lazily titled 'I'm Not Dead' is due out March/April. However, by the new material and her "bitch pleeeeease" attitude, the album will be much better then the album's "original" title.

According to MTV USA, she filmed two videos. One for 'Stupid Girl' and one for 'You and Your Hand'. She still has yet to pick which single she will release.

Here is her take on the videos:

#1: Stupid Girl-

"I don't think I need to name names," she said. "I live in L.A., so it's obvious what I'm surrounded by." She calls the clip "sick and twisted and insane," which in her book is a very good thing.

"I love making videos, and I love making videos with Dave Meyers (the director- admin)," she said. "He just gets it. I like to be physical and do my own stunts, and he allows for that. He has an insane imagination. I don't think anyone ever stopped laughing during 'Stupid Girl.' I don't think everyone else is going to laugh, but just know that we all did."

#2: You and Your Hand-
"First of all, I didn't want it to be typical," she said. "Not another club video. That's not going to happen, until we can do it all suspended in the air on hovercrafts. It just won't be interesting."

She describes the character-driven clip as being more "high-fashion, glam, vampirey, tough [and] sexy." Whereas she kept busy doing stunts in "Stupid Girl," Pink spent the majority of her time during the "You and Your Hand" shoot getting dolled up. "It was four hours of makeup and one hour of shooting for every different look in the video," she said. "I'll never do it again, so enjoy it! Because it sucked."

oh how we missed her!

19 December 2005

Cooler then the 'Red Dress'

The Sugababes new single is officially 'Red Dress'. It's not 'Ace Reject' but it's good.

It's basically about how you don't have to be a slut to get a guy to look you in the eye and not your breasts. Could it be about the infamous sex-fest Paris Hilton?

Rumor has it that, this may be the Sugababes last single because Mutya is leaving the group.

Is it true, is it not?

Who knows.

The video according to MTV TRAX is as quote:

The video for Red Dress will be shot in black and white, with only the color 'red' visible. The story features two alternate versions of the girls: one group will show them as prostitutes working in a bar (all three wearing red dresses), and one group will show them as clean, goody-goody girls. It will be filmed in Tokyo on February.

Also, the single will feature new tracks by Xenomania titled 'Lustful Dancefloor' and 'Heatwave'.


17 December 2005


We would like to step away from pop for a second and tell you a little about one of the best films of 2005. It features a monkey on steroids, the LOST island, and the best scream by a female in recent history. Haven't guessed it yet?

     It is hands down the best remake of the year and one of the best films of the year. The 'FX' and the dialogue are just superb. Each character plays their part straight to the point and create their own personality in a way that is just so divine.
     Naomi Watts and Jack Black deliver one of the best performances of their lives in this movie. They bring so much to the character and really know how to react with the screenplay and developing emotions.
     How they turned the HUGE New York City back a decade, is just beyond. It's not just in one scene; the whole entire city appears to be 1880 in all shapes and sizes. Everything from Town Square to the GWB has been fixed and brought back to the 20th century with every little detail to bring the effect of the time period.
     Overall, this movie brings thrill, action, dark-humor, suspense, and sympathy in a three hour movie.
     The hours will fly by.

See it.

15 December 2005

A Bag Full Of SPICE!

The endless rumors have now been confirmed. The long-missed Spice Girls (yes, that is Spice Girls with 2 words) are releasing the ALMIGHT...FANTASTIC...BRILLIANT


And it hit stores March 13, 2006.

(ok ok come down! the source is EMI!)

14 December 2005


What Is The Single Of 2005?
Biology- Girls Aloud
All About Us- t.A.T.u.
Hung Up- Madonna
Trippin- Robbie Williams
Push The Button- Sugababes
Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani
Speed Of Sound- Coldplay
Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
We Belong Together- Mariah Carey
Somewhere Only We Know- Keane

13 December 2005

A New Poll Every Day!

...to celebrate the New Year.

Who is the best band of 2005?
Son Of Dork
Girls Aloud
Pussycat Dolls
Backstreet Boys
Black Eyed Peas

11 December 2005

Guess Who's Back, Back Again.

We are all so happy! We're going to leave you to guess who this quote is talking about.

"He went away a boy but he's coming back with a six pack and pecs. We want to show everyone he has grown up. He's a priority for 2006 and has a Simon Webbe and Ronan Keating middle-of-the-road sound. There's no point trying to be radical - it's just too dangerous."

Pure Garbage!

Garbage is releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album April 3, 2006. Just a reminder, Garbage has called it quits [again]. They must think that releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album is a good way to say goodbye.

Some of their singles include:

The World Is Not Enough
Stupid Girl
Why Do You Love Me?
Run Baby Run
Only Happy When It Rains
Push It
I Think I'm Paranoid
Shut Your Mouth


Girls Aloud- Chemistry Chart Position


Good or bad, you decide.

10 December 2005

Federline: The Joke.

Mr. Britney Spears aka Kevin Federline is releasing his debut flop in 2006. The album, uncreativly titled, 'The Truth', featured the horrid track 'Ya'll Aint Ready' which leaked a 30 second clip on the internet a few months back. It is also the first single. It is reported to be rap-based with some other genres mixed in. The album has some surprising collaberations from Scott Storch, The Matrix, Red Zone and Bloodshy & Avant. Shocking though that those producers are pop/rock/dance. Mixing pop and rap is bound to be a mistake.

The tracklisting is as followed:

01. Ya'll Ain't Ready (Part 1)
02. Comin' Down
03. What
04. Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
05. They Said
06. Fly Out
07. Tabloid Junkie
08. Now Or Never
09. Click Click
10. 'Razi
11. Story Of My Life
12. If You're Ready... (Part 2)

08 December 2005

Our Amazing New Single Review!

Don't Forget!

Click Here Yo

07 December 2005

Poor Ol' Charlly

Her new single 'Even God Can't Change The Past' is barely scraping the top 20 in the midweeks, being at #19. Charlotte Church was meant to release the wonderful 'Moodswings' but her people called someone who called someone else who then called the person who changed to the worst song on the album to be the 3rd single. Well, as Alicia Keys sang, "What goes around, comes around, what goes up must come down." Too bad this Karma has left a big bad mark.

Just to remind you. Charlotte's first cross-over track 'Crazy Chick' went to #2 back in June and her album 'Tissues & Issues' went to #5. In September, Charlotte released 'Call My Name' but was beaten by the likes of the Sugababes and t.A.T.u., landing her at #10. See the pattern now?

Poor poor Charlotte. If only she releases 'Moodswings' next then maybe she won't be the next Lisa Scott-Lee.

06 December 2005

Check out this WOWzer cool blog!

Do you want to know all about what leaked today or how cool Britney Spears is? OF COURSE YOU DO! That's why you're going to click the link below and visit this really cool blog. It's called 'Oxygen Chunks' and it is surely marvelous!
Judge for yourself.

05 December 2005

Gee Wiz!

The new Girls Aloud album is finally here! 'Chemistry' is in stores now everyone! What a festive day; it snowed in New Jersey and the Girls Aloud album is here equipped with their Christmas gatherups.

03 December 2005

Ashlee's new L.O.V.E.

Above is a picture from Ashlee Simpson's new video L.O.V.E. (click to enlarge). Accompanied with the amazing track is an amazing video. Ashlee promised that the video would be exciting and we're sure as hell she's right. According to MTV, the video consits of a kidnapping, party, abs, Samurai, bum pain, chainsaw, bubble wrap, toilet paper and #21.

Yes, we're just as excited as you.

02 December 2005

Stay AWAY from the recording studios!

(Above is one of the new promo pics from her new album. As you can see, she is really trying to be taken seriously and we all should support her.)

The worst 'pop' act of the decade is the infamous Paris Hilton. We recommend you do not click the link below if you want to respect your hearing ability. The tracks featured are title 'Screwed', 'Don't Touch It', 'Hand On My Heart', and the worst, 'Sooner or Later'. God must hate us.

Click here to listen to the bag of crap.

Edit: Maybe there is still hope. It turns out this is all fake. HA! Well, won't you look at that. Very thanks to a friend of ours who goes by the name of 'Faisal J.', told us it's fake. The MySpace and the songs were deleted and it was all just a bad bad joke. There is still hope.

30 November 2005

Avril In A Movie? Holy SH......

Avril Lavigne is going to be in a new movie called 'The Flock'. Richard Gere and Clair Danes is also in it. It will be released 2006. Filming starts soon in Mexico.

Has it really come down to this? Avril Lavigne, the "So Much For My Happy Ending" girl, in a major motion picture?

Maybe it won't be to bad...

...or maybe it will.

29 November 2005

Radio Edits Are The Way To Go!

And an excellent example of this is Alexis Strum's new single 'It Could Be You'. It went from an "I love you so much" type of song to an "I LOVE YOU SOOO FUCKING MUCH" crazy-cool track. Catch our drift? It's just better!

Check out 'It Could Be You' (The amazing radio edit) on her MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/alexisstrum

28 November 2005

Week At The Charts

Will Young had a big fall on the charts this past week, going from #5 to #13. Poor William. It's such a great song indeed. Hopefully the studded out artist won't make it to where the Spice Girls are going. (Except for Emma, we love you). His album is #2 behind Madonna's so 'it's all good'.

Girls Aloud are doing quite well. Biology dropped only one spot from #4 to #5. (Note to the 'haters': The loud girls WILL NOT be dropped. Again, THEY WILL NOT BE DROPPED!)

Guess who the #1 spot for both the singles and album charts go to? Of course, Madonna. 'Hung Up' is #1 for the 3rd week and 'Confessions' is #1 for the 2nd week. We're getting kind of bored with her so we'll move on.

You Raise Me Up- Westlife=#2.
Dirty Hairy- Gorillaz =#6.
A Night To Remember- Liberty X=#7.
Push The Button- Sugababes=#15. (On the chart for 9 friggin' weeks!)
Tripping- Robbie Williams=#16.
Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson=#37.

That basically sums up the UK chart this week.

Here's the European Union Single Chart (Bold Indicates 'YAY!!'):

1 - Madonna - Hung Up (5 weeks in chart)
2 - Robbie Williams - Tripping (10 weeks in chart)
3 - Tatu - All About Us (10 weeks in chart)
4 - Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (17 weeks in chart)
5 - Sugababes - Push The Button (9 weeks in chart)
6 - Depeche Mode - Precious (10 weeks in chart)
7 - James Blunt - You're Beautiful (25 weeks in chart)
8 - Bob Sinclar - Love Generation (12 weeks in chart)
9 - Sean Paul - We Be Burnin' (11 weeks in chart)
10 - Mattafix - Big City Life (11 weeks in chart)

26 November 2005

Frappy Rides A White Horse.

Goldfrapp is releasing a new single called 'Ride A White Horse' and it is dirty! If you're like us who have a naughty mind, you would be able to pick up the messege the song 'delivers'. For those who have virgin and clean brains, we have a solution. We made our own single cover.

WARNING: Do not preview if you are trying to digest.

Scroll down to see it...

25 November 2005

t.A.T.u.- Dangerous and Moving Exclusive!

You know how much we love t.A.T.u. dont you. Theyre #1 on our top 10 and we have a lifetime collection of all their shit.

Accompanied with the album of the year 'Dangerous and Moving', one of t.A.T.u.'s producers has released the demos, acapelas, instrumentals and Lena solos of the album

The list includes the early version of 'We Shout' entitled 'Reach Out'. It includes an amazing middle section.

Also, there is the Russian anthem 'Obezyanka Nol' which is ace as well!

Anyway, enough of us, listen to it yourself by clicking here

You'll love it, we're sure!