19 December 2005

Cooler then the 'Red Dress'

The Sugababes new single is officially 'Red Dress'. It's not 'Ace Reject' but it's good.

It's basically about how you don't have to be a slut to get a guy to look you in the eye and not your breasts. Could it be about the infamous sex-fest Paris Hilton?

Rumor has it that, this may be the Sugababes last single because Mutya is leaving the group.

Is it true, is it not?

Who knows.

The video according to MTV TRAX is as quote:

The video for Red Dress will be shot in black and white, with only the color 'red' visible. The story features two alternate versions of the girls: one group will show them as prostitutes working in a bar (all three wearing red dresses), and one group will show them as clean, goody-goody girls. It will be filmed in Tokyo on February.

Also, the single will feature new tracks by Xenomania titled 'Lustful Dancefloor' and 'Heatwave'.