17 December 2005


We would like to step away from pop for a second and tell you a little about one of the best films of 2005. It features a monkey on steroids, the LOST island, and the best scream by a female in recent history. Haven't guessed it yet?

     It is hands down the best remake of the year and one of the best films of the year. The 'FX' and the dialogue are just superb. Each character plays their part straight to the point and create their own personality in a way that is just so divine.
     Naomi Watts and Jack Black deliver one of the best performances of their lives in this movie. They bring so much to the character and really know how to react with the screenplay and developing emotions.
     How they turned the HUGE New York City back a decade, is just beyond. It's not just in one scene; the whole entire city appears to be 1880 in all shapes and sizes. Everything from Town Square to the GWB has been fixed and brought back to the 20th century with every little detail to bring the effect of the time period.
     Overall, this movie brings thrill, action, dark-humor, suspense, and sympathy in a three hour movie.
     The hours will fly by.

See it.