10 December 2005

Federline: The Joke.

Mr. Britney Spears aka Kevin Federline is releasing his debut flop in 2006. The album, uncreativly titled, 'The Truth', featured the horrid track 'Ya'll Aint Ready' which leaked a 30 second clip on the internet a few months back. It is also the first single. It is reported to be rap-based with some other genres mixed in. The album has some surprising collaberations from Scott Storch, The Matrix, Red Zone and Bloodshy & Avant. Shocking though that those producers are pop/rock/dance. Mixing pop and rap is bound to be a mistake.

The tracklisting is as followed:

01. Ya'll Ain't Ready (Part 1)
02. Comin' Down
03. What
04. Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
05. They Said
06. Fly Out
07. Tabloid Junkie
08. Now Or Never
09. Click Click
10. 'Razi
11. Story Of My Life
12. If You're Ready... (Part 2)