02 December 2005

Stay AWAY from the recording studios!

(Above is one of the new promo pics from her new album. As you can see, she is really trying to be taken seriously and we all should support her.)

The worst 'pop' act of the decade is the infamous Paris Hilton. We recommend you do not click the link below if you want to respect your hearing ability. The tracks featured are title 'Screwed', 'Don't Touch It', 'Hand On My Heart', and the worst, 'Sooner or Later'. God must hate us.

Click here to listen to the bag of crap.

Edit: Maybe there is still hope. It turns out this is all fake. HA! Well, won't you look at that. Very thanks to a friend of ours who goes by the name of 'Faisal J.', told us it's fake. The MySpace and the songs were deleted and it was all just a bad bad joke. There is still hope.