08 January 2006

Worth A Milian Dollars!

Christina Milian is back with her 3rd studio album. It is currently untitled but is due out sometime in March. Her first single titled 'Say I' features Young Jeezy will be released to radio at the end of this month.

A track titled 'Who's Gonna Ride' was sent out to a few DJ's and has leaked onto the internet. It's the typical song about a girl who likes a guy, guy cheats, girl leaves, 'who's gonna ride when she's gone?' However, it is an upbeat, fun track. Ok, maybe she could have had a little less talking in the beginning, ("ay mommy", "I know you told me not to do this" etc.) but the song is pretty good.

Yes, Christina Milian is considered R&B. But, she does have many pop hooks and tunes in almost all her songs. IE:

  • I Need More
  • Dip It Low
  • AM to PM
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Get Loose
  • Oh Daddy
The list goes on.
[She's also an amazing performer as I have seen her perform songs from her last album 'It's About Time' in her hometown in Maryland. She knows how to shake, we'll tell you that!]

All of Ms. Milian's albums have been great, we have no doubt this one will be the same.
Be sure to pick it up when it hits stores soon.